1st day journey

January 14, 2011

mode: alone on the darkness
location: teluk kumbar, penang
time: midnight

mm..today, as my very first day at James and Bill factory(as a worker, i doing my intern there before)..i somehow did not expect that i am assigned to take care for the whole production line..ah..what the....haha
but i try to remain calm and familiarize things inside the work cell. phew~ actually, memorizing back those past year of childish moment at school i did not even thinking that i am going to be an engineer someday..haha..it is funny, where someone who really hates those maths and sciences subject are assigned as an engineer today (i mean yesterday..:D)
so, for now..i think there would be responsibilities for me to take care off and of course, i really thinking my future plan in a serious way than before. help me realizing it. and i wish that i really can get a hold for myself since working at electronic company wont be easier to face. i already know that and i am ready to take challenges and try to became more mature in a way of responsibilities.oh crap.....haha

just need to end it by now..there would be a lot more to share but not in 1 post..haha..just keep writing in this blog cause i don't know where should i express it in a better way..hoho..


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