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December 31, 2010

its about 2am rite now and i does not feel sleepy at all...not doing anything, just have snack and a surya made me feel like urgh!wadefish!..
just remember bout my blog and maybe it'll be nice if i keep em posted even with simple crap from me..haha..

so, just about feeling lonely in the middle of the night, i kept thinking bout the past and if i could and i would like to....be in those past 10 years..i think i miss struggling time..(really?)..i don't know, but most of us must have this in their mind right?time spending with friends (not forgotten: foes) will be my most precious time i ever had. we all started from zero, knowing nobody and began our journey of life when we first met our friends and spending time together. nice, is it? my primary school started to be the most awesome moment to remember, i just love to be at school and met my friends. till now, i even had my best friend from those ollskul life; khuzairi abidin, razi rafiq, zhafran zakariya, syafiq yaakob. holiday wont be completed if i don't met them, for us kedai HAMZAH would be the best place to hangout and sharing stories..

MJSC pdrm kulim and taiping, National service at Tasik Meranti, Malacca Matriculation and UTeM dedicates more beautiful and pain to me. dont judge people with your first sight. but just an impression maybe okay.:D I've met people who always cherish me, going on with me, stay by my side and not forgotten they who became ......(back stabbing) and i will never forget them. may i have the chance to let they feel like i did. so annoying why i cant just forget them..busiet! (excuse me...if u feel uneasy). 

really hope i could have live a happy life with all my loving forever...keep faith in what we doing, on who we are because sometime we will be tested. bear in mind, keep your faith in anybody you like to. 

i left my dreams behind for the path i've chose.
keep going on karl, i will not turn back but i will still have a look behind cause there were something we can learn from past...



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